To help speed the electrification of transportation by providing access to affordable personal transportation options and partnering with companies focused on bringing newer battery technology to the market.


Providing electrical powered transportation for all those that need it utilizing a battery that's built using sustainable materials and technologies.


It was October 7, 2018, when our founder heard about the U.N report on climate. 2030 was the deadline, about 12 years from now. After that would be the point of no return where the climate would continue to get warmer and warmer every year and all life around the world would feel the impact. More severe droughts, heavier rains, hurricanes, and typhoons of the century almost every year, more acidic oceans impact all types of life living in the oceans, and many more unforeseen events could occur if nothing was done to dramatically cut carbon emissions. While we all wait years for the proliferation of self-driving shuttles moving people around and utility companies to dramatically increase their share of energy generated from renewables, there are other things that can be done individually. Starting with our personal transportation. That trip a few blocks could just be a 10-minute walk rather than a 5-minute endeavor to get in the car and hunt for parking when getting to the destination.

We tried to find the best alternative available for personal transportation and it’s been here for a lot longer than we all realize. The problem has always been the high cost, electric bikes. Most high-quality electric bikes can start at thousands of dollars putting them out of reach for most people. So our focus would be to find electric bikes that are easier on the budget but also of the highest quality. We would do this by partnering with suppliers of electric bikes that back their products with a rock-solid warranty. We would carefully evaluate every supplier and reduce friction in our supply chain to make sure people can finally be liberated from their cars with access to great electric bikes at great prices. That is something we consider our mission.

The other problem is also the well-known limitation of lithium-ion batteries. They’re great at storing energy for the first year or so but after that begin to lose the amount of energy they can store. We’re sure you experienced this with your smartphones. They start out great and are able to get you through the day without any worries. But after a year you start to notice their day gets shorter. As that second year goes on and on, your hunt for a charger also begins to be more frequent. After two years, you basically need a new battery for most phones. There are many great people working on moving us away from the limitations of lithium-ion batteries by working on newer battery technologies. There are batteries made using liquid-metal and even carbon-based materials that are proclaimed to have a far longer half-life than the typical Li-ion battery. We want to help these new batteries speed to market by providing them with a market for their products and investing in them if necessary. In a world that will save itself from calamity, newer battery technologies will come to be an integral part of the energy business. This is something we consider our vision.

So from e-bikes to new battery technologies, that was all thought of in the span of 4 days when on October 11th Elektric Luv LLC was officially established. It was because of our planet and how electricity will save it. We hope you’ll come to love it the same and ditch your dinosaur guzzling people mover behind.